Saturday, November 16, 2013

Owl Prowlin'

I made this in photoshop as a promotional graphic. Not bad eh?

Well, its official: I hosted my first Owl Prowl this week. Not wanting to bore anyone with too many details, I could say:
  •  My night school class was divided into groups of students who needed to work together.
  •  We needed to plan an event that would raise money for a local charity. 
  •  A minimum of $600 had to generated from this event.
It was suggested to me that an Owl Prowl would be a good event, so I ran with it. Myself along with four group members were tasked with either selling ten - $10 tickets or getting 'sponsored/pledged' for this owl prowl. I'm proud to say that I have $635 in hand ready to donate to ERCA. $635 may not sound too impressive, but hey, its not easy getting $635 in a box all in the name of charity.  I owe much thanks to many of the nature loving community for their patronage.

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I figured I might try to embed the PowerPoint that I made for the informational component of the Owl Prowl below for those who might be interested in some interesting owl facts... (I made this in Google Presentations, converted it to MS PPT, then back to Google Presentations, so it may have gottent screwed up a little).

I've learned a lot about Event Planning and Groupwork while implementing this event. Regarding event planning, anything that could go wrong will. Unforeseen politics even found its way into this event. Regarding groupwork - has anyone experienced a positive outcome while working in groups in a post-secondary setting? I have not yet had a good experience personally. This meme says it all...

I'm the guy on the left...
Img Source:

So did we see an owl? At Devonwood no. Some heard an owl though. On an alternative night/location a small group of five did see and hear Screech Owls. Pretty cool!

Good birding!

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  1. If I lived closer I would have been glad to join and support your project Dwayne! I tell you, your post making me relive University projects and the dynamics of groups is not pleasant! I'd have to say on most of them I was in the same category as you, though maybe not at the 99% level. Congrats on raising all the at money for a good cause!



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