Saturday, October 27, 2012

Northern Saw Whet Owl at Point Pelee

Seeing a lifer owl to me is basically a religious experience. This owl absolutely blew my mind today. I was sitting in a 3.5 hour human resources seminar this morning, and at about 11am, I had two people text me, (with images) of this incredible owl. It was found by Paul Pratt and the Ojibway Birding Group on their fall birding walks. Upon arrival to Point Pelee, I met up with Rick & Dan and we found the area quickly as many Yellow rumped Warblers, Cedar Waxwings, and even a Caronlina Wren were very active (mobbing) in the surrounding trees. Even still, it took about 10 minutes for me to find this 'lump' in the trees before me.

 The song of Eastern Bluebirds was heard all morning, and this little beauty was perched over the west beach pathway. Overhead, thousands of Crows, Turkey Vultures and various hawks were seen. Out on the water, huge rafts of thousands of ducks, mainly scaup were seen.

 Of course, many Yellow-rumped warblers were seen, but this Cape May was a nice surprise to see in the tram loop woods. A Carolina Wren was singing his heart out just meters from the owl. He was singing 'breeet, breeet, breeeeeet'.

On friday after work, I went out to Holiday Beach to help observe at the Hawk Tower. Finally met Jeremy Hatt, a great birder and blogger that I've been reading for years. On the way to Holiday Beach, I saw hundreds of Swallows perched on a powerline, and several Horned Larks and American Pipits were hanging out on the road. I stopped to snap a few photos. Its been said that once you lifer a bird, its easy to find it after!

 Great birding!

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  1. I found a Saw-whet Owl today as well near Sarnia!

  2. Congrats on the Saw-whet Owl! I'm sure the contrast of an "exciting" seminar to the owl didn't hurt! I will be extremely excited to find an owl as well and can imagine excitement.

  3. Congrats, Dwayne! I was standing there when Kory texted you about the owl. It's true about lifers. I finally got Merlin this year and then saw about 8 more over the next 2 months. I got four life birds today. Woot!

  4. So many wonderful sightings Dwayne! Congrats on your owl lifer, what a stunning beauty! I have yet to find one of these! Owl sightings are always such incredible experiences:)

  5. Great picture of the Northern Saw-Whet Owl, on the same day before you saw your owl at Point Pelee my wife and I saw one here in Toronto. Have a look at our various pictures and video footage. We spent 2 hours studying it before night fall.

  6. Saw-Wheeeeeeet!
    Congratulations, Dwayne! What a wonderful catch.
    I'm going to have to join up with one of these walks. It looks like everyone has a great time.

  7. Great shot of the owl!!! Congrats :)

  8. Thanks to all for the congratulatory comments. I owe this lifer to Paul Pratt though. He's a brilliant birder!



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