Monday, August 13, 2012

New Binoculars!

Guess which lenses are coated...

About two years ago, I purchased my first pair of binoculars, Bushnell Sportsman 10x42s! I've been really impressed with them, but my recent intrest in butterflies highlighted their main shortcoming, the close focus distance of over 7 meters! Amazingly, I only paid $30 for those binoculars! They were marketed at Nascar Fans that might pick up a pair of bright roof-prism binos at Wal-mart in the states. (My new binoculars are marketed towards hunters... I can't afford binoculars marketed to birders). The old pair of binos will be my spare binos that I leave in my trunk just in case!

This week, I picked up a pair of Bushnell XLT Trophy binoculars, which were only $150. They are a little brighter than my original pair, and colours seem a little brighter, but they are a little heavier. The close focus distance of these binoculars is only 2 meters, so they are much better for butterfly watching. I really think that if you take any pair of 10x42 roof-prism binoculars you have a great tool to go birding. Check out the optical specifications for $500, $150, $30 binoculars. The XLT wins on all measures except for weight!

ELITE XLT Trophy Sportsman

Magnification X Obj Lens 10 x 42 10 x 42 10 x 42

Close Focus (ft/m) 8.2 / 2.5 8 / 2.4 23 / 7 

Lens Coating Fully Multi Fully Multi & XTR Multi

Field of View ft@1000yds / m@1000m 325 / 108 314 / 104.7 305 /

RainGuard® HD No no

Eyecups Twist-Up Twist-up Twist-up

Eye Relief 15.2 15.5 13.6

Adapt to Tripod Yes Yes Yes

Focus System Center Center Center

Exit Pupil (mm) 4.2 4.2 4

Prism Glass BaK-4 BaK-4 BK-7

Water/Fog Proof Yes Yes No

Prism System Roof Roof Roof

Weight (oz/g) 25 / 765 26.1 / 740 22.2 

Model 234210 620142ED 141042

Size Class Standard Standard Standard

More Butterfly Watching... Mainly from the Spring garden area of Ojibway

Male and Female Fiery Skipper - Common at Spring garden

Long-dash Skipper

Tawny edged Skipper

Wild Indigo Duskywing

Male Sachem, Unmistakable with large stigma on the upper forwing.

Birding has been slow, although I did notice a (juv?) Humingbird perched in my backyard near my feeder, as well as my first southbound Warbler, which was associating with some Black Capped Chickadees today.

My first South-bound warbler for the season. Cool!

Good birding (& Butterfly Watching!)

Common Checkered Skipper ... is Common at Spring Garden!

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