Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Checkered Skipper and Green Heron Fledglings at Ojibway v2

Common Checkered Skipper (Not Eastern :-)   )

The last two weeks have been super busy for me. Seeing the Rondeau Frigatebird was basically not an option for me. I was hoping it would stick around a little more but maybe it found its way back to the east coast, where it belongs. In March of 2011, I saw a Magnificent Frigatebird flying over my car on Sanibel Island during my lil' birding trip to Florida.

With all the butterfly counts in the last week, it was interesting to read about what was seen and I was reminded about how good Essex County has it with respect to butterfly diversity. A few bloggers mentioned Common Checkered Skipper Checkerspots and that really sparked my interest in finding them myself. A quick check of the Ontario Butterfly Group resulted in some good news: Common Checkered Skipper at Ojibway Park, just minutes from my house... Nice! This butterfly is so rare, that its not even featured in my butterfly guide for Southern Ontario (and it has a rarities section!). I'm not sure if the butterfly I photographed above is a male or female since my photo was not showing enough detail on the edges of the hindwing. According to butterfliesandmoths.org "Upperside of male is blue-gray; female is black. Both sexes have large white spots which form median bands across both wings. Fringes of male checkered but black checks often reach only halfway to edge of fringe." (Butterfliesandmoths.org) See this site for more info in ID'ing the gender of this butterfly.

Here are some others from the last week or two. I saw a Fiery Skipper and Hackberry Emperor recently at Holiday Beach but no photos. Another butterfly I would really like to see is an Olive Hairstreak!

Breeding birds at Ojibway park include Field Sparrows, Eastern Bluebirds , Orchard Orioles, Tufted Titmouse, Indigo Buntings, and so many others. Two that I took note of this week though was this chance find of a Blue-grey Gnatcatcher nest and a Green Heron nest, complete with downy Green Heron Fledglings!

Love this photo. This is what its all about.

Green Heron is one of my *sparkbirds*!

Good birding,

butterfliesandmoths.org, "Common Checkered Skipper", ND, July 10, 2012, WEB, http://www.butterfliesandmoths.org/species/Pyrgus-communis 

Bonus Bird Photos:
Found at Spring Garden area of Ojibway Park

Found at Brunet Park, LaSalle Ontario


  1. Second brood of Olive Hairstreak will be out later this month!

    I think you mean Common Checkered-Skipper in your text! They are spreading--some at Sarnia this summer.

  2. I had 96 Checkered Skippers in Windsor during the
    fall 2 years ago. I looked for them in empty
    fields most mornings.



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