Friday, May 11, 2012

Mid-week Birding at Pelee

Dropped into Pelee on Thursday after work. The first stop was Hillman Marsh, where earlier in the day it was reported that a Marbled Godwit had been seen. What an awesome bird.  It was quite close, but the harsh, mid afternoon sun did not provide optimal lighting for photos.

After Hillman, I stopped by PPNP, first stopping at Tildens Trail, which was quiet, but my friend Rick pointed out this red-morph Eastern Screech Owl. We saw a few other birds, none that are very rare, but a faint glimpse at a Wood Thrush was nice to see.
After Tildens, Woodland Nature Trail provided looks at Prothonotary Warblers. One photographer told me he saw two pairs, inspecting various cavities for nesting locations. While waiting for the warblers to re-emerge, someone pointed out another Screech owl. Not a bad way to kill 15 minutes!

This Prothonotary Warbler bounced around for a while and landed on the elevated boardwalk. This photo is handheld, with no flash, uncropped. No ipods or tripods.

On the way back to the Visitor Center, I met (Silvatica) who pointed out some awesome birds that I was just walking by. First was a FOY Scarlet Tanager (Male and Female) as well as some Red breasted Grosbecks (male & female).  It was 7pm and the sun was starting to set, and it dawned on us that there must have been 10 or so Scarlet Tanagers. At one point, I saw two in my binoculars at the same time! The colour of Red that hits the retina of the eye is awesome. This is what birding is all about!

Good birding!

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  1. Wow, great sightings! The Prothonotary Warbler is beautiful, great capture of it on the boardwalk!



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