Thursday, January 5, 2012

Orange Crowned Warbler... In January!

On January 3rd this week, I went looking for White Winged Crossbills and came up short at the coniferous stand at  Holiday Beach.  I decided to park at Holiday Beach and walk the nature trail at the entrance gate. The walk gave good looks at the expected wintering birds that included Northern Flickers, Cardinals, Chickadees and Kinglets, but as I approached my car on my way out, a small flock of Juncos and Sparrows had a fluorescent-green bird in the mix. Orange Crowned Warbler! The camera can't seem to pick up the unique colour of these little warblers.Its a beautiful Greenish-yellow that is unmistakable!

Today stopped by the Lakeview Marina where Lake St Clair flows into the Detroit River but did not see anything noteworthy. A birder with a scope shared views of some of the distant ducks closer to Peche Island that included all three Mergansers, Common Golden eye, Black Ducks and a general mix of other common birds.A Juv Bald Eagle was flying above Peche Island which is not unexpected.

Back to my list of chores!  :-)

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