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Is Global Warming a Myth?

This posting in not about birding, but is still of great interest to me. Below is a video that I've been looking for over the last year or so. You see, many people have come up to me recently and looked me in the eye, and stated, "Global Warming is a Myth". It's a hoax!

When I read the "letters to the editor" in the windsor star (I've attached one at the bottom of this posting), I constantly read that its a hoax by the readers, and when I'm on facebook, I have friends post videos of various media or political figure casting doubt on the subject.

This week, Canada's federal "Minister of the Environment" (or guy that speaks for the oil interests in Canada) told the world that Canada is no longer part of the Kyoto Agreement. This was shocking to many Canadians because there wasn't really any debate about exiting this agreement.

Some arguments I've heard to disclaim global warming include: Its a solar cycle, Volcanoes produce more CO2 than humans, Water vapor is the cause of global warming, Its still being debated in the scientific community, Its a left-wing conspiracy, Al Gore is making millions with this green movement... But, I don't believe any of these theories have discounted the evidence that global warming is real.

Then, today, I found this video... Who knows, maybe global warming is a myth... I want it to be, but I still have not been convinced that its a lie. I might be a fool, but I still think that human actions are affecting our environment and our weather systems. I guess time will tell.

If you have some time, please watch this video. Some particularly interesting parts include:
*Previous Mis-Information Campaigns
*Disproving all the recently 'counter-arguments' to global warming with facts that are indisputable.

Please view this video full-screen by clicking the square in the bottom right corner. 

I know this could be a touchy subject, so if you think GW is a myth, please watch this video with an open mind.

Here is the recent article to the Windsor Star. By the way, I disagree with everything this writer is saying. And I particularly think its foolish that she states at the end: "Pray for God's mercy, folks. You'll need it."... As if God is mad at people that are concerned with the environment.

Global warming is all a lie
By Victoria Billingsley, The Windsor Star November 22, 2011

The fraudulent "global warming" swallowed by gullible governments has already wasted billions of dollars and will soon destroy all business. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's faked models, ignored UV energy, ozone layers and changes, solar winds and water vapour that creates clouds and energy and prevents the freezing of oceans, and avoided the truth.

Thermometers were placed upon concrete roofs, on parking lots and buried in snow. Humans occupy but 1.4 per cent of Earth's surface, of it, 98.6 per cent ignored. "Nature does not play computer games."

The IPCC scientists vilified the anti-warming PhDs, condemned them and barred them from publishing in national magazines and in our media.

Climate is created and con-trolled by our sun and its gravity, by the Earth's position in our galaxy, by the wobbles of the orbiting, by continental drifts, according to Dr. Plimer and dozens of other anti-global warming scientists.

Our Earth revolves round the sun at 160,000 miles an hour, travelling in its orbit 3,840,000 miles in one day. It rotates on its axis at 329 miles an hour. These rapid movements create winds, ocean currents, plate tectonics, affect sea levels and ice sheets. Carbon has nada effect.

Dr. Ian Plimer's, Heaven and Earth, describes Al Gore's fraud as an "Inconvenient Truth - long on scientific miscalculation."

Oceans store surplus carbon and dissolve it, resulting in shell formation, limestone and chemical reactions with rocks, sediments and sea life - mol-lusks, etc. The more CO dis-2 solves in the ocean, the more CO is removed from the atmo-2 sphere.

Tectonics are the "thermo-stat" that prevent runaway greenhouse gases.

If all the fossil fuels on Earth were burned, the atmospheric CO , content would not double.

The evaporation of Earth's water regulates climate. Water vapour is the most abundant gas.

Millions of tons of terrestrial material - dust, amino gases, etc. - annually enter our galaxy and fall to Earth.

Volcanic eruptions add 40,000 tons of sulphur and carbon gases annually to our atmosphere. (From 1920 to 1940 our Arctic was warmer than now.) Our polar bears became expert swimmers during earlier glob-al warming periods.

Hundreds of volcanoes occur annually on the ocean floors.

All plant growth requires carbon: no carbon = no food. "Human stupidity is exceeded only by God's infinite mercy." Man is but a fool if he believes he can control climate. His power is null and void.

Canada must reject global warming. It must also with-draw from the United Nations, which has not accomplished anything worthwhile, yet strives to impose world government on nations - a colossal, catastrophic frightening dictatorial system.

Pray for God's mercy, folks. You'll need it.

The Windsor Star


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