Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Flashback...1986 Birds of Canada Monetary Series

From the archives (October 2010)... Would you believe that in this unassuming photo: a yellow bellied sapsucker AND and Red-headed woodpecker in the same tree? That might only happen once in a lifetime! Quiz: What Warbler is in this photo?
Life has been busy lately and birding has been slow. I've made some attempts to see Saw-whet Owls last weekend, but no luck. This posting below is one of the many "Draft" blog postings I have that I've never bothered to publish ... until now. I probably have 10 draft postings that I might 'push out' before years-end.

I was looking through an old photo album recently and noted that I had an old Canadian $5 bill (featuring a Belted Kingfisher on the back).  Then, serendipitously, a recent visit with a nephew had him showing off a mint-condition $2 bill from the same series (featuring an American Robin on the back). My nephew stated that a local coin-collectors store was selling them for $4. Kind reader, would you pay $4 for a $2 bill with a Robin on it?(I've added a poll that you can vote YES or No in the margin to the right). I went out and picked up the bill as a collector's item. Call me crazy!  It would be cool to get the other bills in the series, but I'm sure they would be expensive to obtain at this point. I might print out the specimens in colour and enjoy them in an unofficial sense. 

Do you know each bird on the various bills? The solution to this challenge is found at the bottom of this posting. No cheating!


(Images used with Permission.)

Good Birding!

$2 note: American Robins
$5 note: Belted Kingfisher
$10 note: Osprey
$20 note: Common Loon
$50 note: Snowy Owl
$100 note: Canada Goose
$1000 note: Pine Grosbeaks


  1. I had forgotten all about those bills and now feel regret that I wasn't "in to birds" when the series came out. Thanks a lot, Dwayne! lol
    I voted No only because I've had problems with collections getting out of hand and my tendency towards fanaticism. :)
    I will however be paying closer attention to the other bills I receive for change. I imagine there's some still floating around out there.
    I hope you're good busy and not tiring busy.

  2. I definitely liked those bills more than the current ones! I still have the small denominations - I was a kid when they were around so no $100/1000 for me!

    The warbler in the photo looks like a Cape May to me.

  3. Sure I would pay $4 for anything I liked a lot. I did not grow up in Canada, so none of this means much to me. But I do love the fact that Canadian money has wildlife on it. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a 1000 dollar note.



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