Thursday, September 29, 2011

More "Big Year" Trailers V2

The Big Year is coming out in mid-October... I think I'll be going to see it on opening night. I joked with my wife that I would wear binoculars...

or try this one...

I don't know if I've ever considered any of the 2-3 years of birding I've been doing as 'big-years'. But this year, my life list is pretty well my year list. I'm at around 282 birds in my life list and probably 275 for the year.

I'm hoping this weekend will have some good birds with a low pressure system finally moving out and providing trailing northern winds.

Birds I'de like to see in October are:
  • Orange-crowned Warbler
  • Northern Goshawk
  • American Pipit

This is an awesome chart that shows the movement of Raptors in S/E Michigan between September and November. I'm sure Holiday Beach's statistics would provide an almost identical chart. I've posted this last October, but couldn't help reposting it. Its a good reference to see what raptors are 'in season' as fall progresses.

Image source:

One of my favorite raptors from last fall was this Golden Eagle that flew right overhead while walking with the Ojibway birding group. With a wingspan of 87" (220cm)... it was pretty awesome! See for more details on this bird.

This photo is featured in Cornell's site... Cool!

Good birding!


  1. Oh, I thought you meant boat trailers.
    Should be an interesting weekend for birds, and after.
    I had one of the Golden Eagles at Pelee on Saturday--rather early for one.

  2. I was talking about going to the movie opening night and my husband asked me if I was going to "dress as a birder"......

  3. I think we should all "dress up" in our gear ... that would be awesome. :D

  4. We should go see the movie, then go for drinks to share birding stories :^)



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