Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Late Summer Kayaking at PPNP

SB Dowitchers were abundant today. Click image for full size view.
I went for a little kayak trip to Point Pelee's marsh again on Tuesday. Not much different than usual... In fact, it was pretty well the exact same list of birds from a trip that I took last year at about this time. Its amazing how cyclical nature can be.  I saw the Great Horned Owl that had hatched earlier this year near Sanctuary Pond. Closer to the marsh, there were numerous short billed dowitchers and a surprise black bellied plover.

Some species (rough estimates) seen on my 1-hour Point Pelee Marsh kayak trip:
Spotted Sandpiper 5
Semi-Plover: 20
Semi-Sandpiper 25
Lesser Yellowlegs 2
Short billed Dowitcher 40
Black bellied Plover 1
Black Terns 300-500
GB Herons 4
BCN Heron 1

Northern Harrier 1
Great Horned Owl 1 (Near Sanctuary)
Double Crested Cormorant 50+ (overhead)

 I guess its obvious at this point, but kayaking gives great looks at shorebirds at this time of year. 

Good birding!

PS: Two years ago at this time I photographed several Rudy Turnstones on East Beach at PPNP. I love this photo, but I it should have been dated: Aug 14th, 2009:

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